amazing journey illustrations

swim1.jpgok, in youth ministry (or church ministry in general), we tend to talk a lot about life as a journey, right? and, when we’re honest, we talk about it being a journey with lots of ups and downs, hills and valleys, challenges, wrong turns, and all that good stuff. and we love to use that great “finishing the race” verse. yeah.

so, this list of “the 18 most insane journeys in recent history” is ripe, pregnant, or whatever other metaphorical wording you’d like to use, for metaphorical illustrationization (a new word is born!). great synopses, photos, even some
like the guy who swam across the entire atlantic ocean (3700 miles), and plans to do the same across the pacific.

or, the guy who ran around the entire world (getting shot at a few times, actually shot once, put in jail, and a handful of other trials and tribulations along the way).

great stuff.

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