an 8:45 minute dose of yaconelli

the other day, just as i got to the office early in the morning, i was surfing a few blogs, and clicked through onto an old friend’s blog. he had a link to a video of mike yaconelli. our good friend jim hancock produced this for us to use at a national youth workers convention after mike’s death. frankly, i’d forgotten about this video. it’s somewhat of a “best of yac” (at least “best of yac onstage at the NWYC”). it just slayed me. wonderful, inspirational, prophetic. dang, now i’m crying. this is why i do what i do.

for whatever reason, the embedding is turned off on this video — but here’s the link.

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  1. Mate, I downloaded this vid last year from the YS site, and have showed it to as many youth workers as I possibly could in the last couple of years here in NZ. It is one of the most encouraging inspiring things I have seen. It moves me everytime I watch it. Cheers for YS bro, from the many encouraged youth workers here in NZ

    Btw, Ive uploaded the clip to youtube and allowed it to be embedded.

  2. I don’t think I had seen that one before. Chilling to think just how in tune with what ministry was really all about he was, and how not I feel in comparison.

    I miss him….

  3. Wow, It made me smile to see the video again, it made me cry to see the video again. I am simply a screwed up Messy Person…. I think that would make somebody smile.

  4. I’ve been in youth ministry 20+ years. The day he died… I was balling like a baby at my computer. My wife asked what was wrong… I said… One of my heroes just died. Thanks for sharing that Marko… He is still an inspiration… needed that today!

  5. hiya marko, pop by here every once in a while n got a nice surprise to see myself linked on such an awesome site! :D

    Apologies abt the non-embedding… have updated it. Was personally challenged by Mike’s life as i watched the clip too. :p i guess i just din think to be linked but the internet really makes the world that much smaller… n perhaps a lil closer to what heaven will be like.

    Blessings to you…

    a youth worker from somewhere called Singapore.

  6. Yeah, I show that vid to my students every year as well! Sam, I am sure you got that vid off me

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