An Important Legal Notice to all Shareholders of The Youth Cartel

An Important Legal Notice to all Shareholders of The Youth Cartel
Prepared by Winston Chippy, Attorney at Law
Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Re: The Summit Early Bird Deadline


  1. “Shareholder” should be assumed to imply “any of you who give a rip.”
  2. “The Youth Cartel” should be understood as a revolutionary conglomerate heck-bent on doing things in new ways, but, often appearing to be more conglomerate-y then they really are, since it’s just Marko and Adam and all the shareholders.
  3. “Legal Notice” should only imply that we want you to read this, and nothing more.
  4. “Important” signifies that, well, it would suck if you didn’t read this.
  5. “An” is simply an indefinite article, and could easily be disregarded, should you choose.

Whereas, The Youth Cartel is hosting an off-the-charts freakin’ amazing youth ministry event this November 9/10 in Atlanta called The Summit (hereinafter SUMMIT) …

Whereas, the early bird registration deadline for SUMMIT is this Friday, August 31, 2012 …

Whereas, the prices for both individuals and groups registering for SUMMIT increase by something like twenty bucks each after Friday …

Whereas, Mark and Adam (a.k.a. “The Youth Cartel”) are a bit freaked about how many of you have told us you’re coming but haven’t registered yet …

The Notice
Let it be known that, on this day, August 28, 2012, The Youth Cartel has notified all shareholders that we:
a. really want you to join us at SUMMIT (you’ve seen the website, right?
b. really need you to register, because we’re starting to crap our pants (just a little bit)

Shareholders should also be informed that, if they are registered by the aforementioned early bird deadline, they will be automatically entered into a wee contest, sponsored by our friends at The Youth Culture Report, to win an iPad! Really, you’ve probably never entered a “win an iPad” contest where you had better odds, wonderful shareholder.

Ready for something new? Ready to have your youth ministry imagination sparked, and your thinking stirred, and your dreams re-kindled? Yup, we thought so.


Winston Chippy

Winston Chippy, Esq., Attorney for The Youth Cartel

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