16 thoughts on “an urgent prayer”

  1. I think this is an interesting idea, and really very sad.

    As far as whether or not it’s “to satisfy their unknown hunger for a relationship with God” — I don’t necessarily agree.

    I think it’s a genuine desire for “touch” — for other human connection — for intimacy.

    I know that seeking intimacy has been a driving force in my pursuit of community. And I think that, for some, “church” is a place that fulfills that.

    I know that God can be present in my life and very fulfilling, but there is still a physical touch and intimate lacking, even in that God-relationship, that I can’t always satisfy.

    This trend is evidence to me that we really do need each other. An interesting thing for me to remember when I play lone-renegade Christian girl.

  2. This stuff already goes on inside church vans…at least they did when I was growing up (truth be told). Seriously, theres only so much a “hand check” can do. We don’t even do the church van deal here…each student hooks up with an adult driver and (no joking here) the students REQUESTED that they travel in same sex groups. The last trip resulted in the start of our new small group ministry (just food for thought for the smaller youth groups out there).

  3. I think in some early translations of Luke 2:8, the shepherds are said to be “keeping watch and cuddling with the sheep by night.”

    Similar, but… in a way, different. Similar in that it was all in good fun. Different in that those were lonely, cold men that spent eight months of the year hanging with sheep.

    Both sad, but one a bit more so.

  4. wow…scary…i think for a youthpastor to make this a reality in youthgroup, he/she would have to be prepared to loose their job…its insane…

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