are those iPod jeans, or are you just happy to see me?

ok, as much as a love my iPod mini (now either ‘obsolete’ or ‘collectible’ — i’m choosing the latter), i don’t think i’m gonna buy these new levi’s jeans.

The jean is designed to be compatible with most iPod systems and features include a special joystick incorporated into the jeans’ watch pocket to enable easy operation of the iPod.

i’m sorry, but something about having a joystick in my pocket just doesn’t seem right!

10 thoughts on “are those iPod jeans, or are you just happy to see me?”

  1. I won’t be rushing out to buy these.
    However, I think they’re a great step towards wearable computing going mainstream.
    When I can buy a pair of jeans with the computing power of my desktop, I’ll get out the credit card.

  2. OOOOK…although this does remind me of a compeititon from “The Apprentice” where they had to develop this type of stuff for American Eagle.

  3. iPod is the hot thing now.
    My church is doing a 4-5 messages called the Theology of the iPod. People from Apple have contacted the church wanting to know more and we had an Associated Press reporter in our second service yesterday to do a story about it for AP.

    I want one. Is that wrong?


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