“are you a bigger loser than marko?” final

well, this morning was my final weigh-in for the “are you a bigger loser than marko?” contest. we started just shy of 12 weeks ago, with about 175 youth workers all competing to lose more weight than me. i plugged along in about 14th place in the men’s division for several weeks, then began my slow climb to the top, baby. i worked out hard, 5 – 7 times per week (including springing for a personal trainer to kick my butt weekly), disciplined myself to eat extremely healthy and hardly at all (my biggest cheats were the occasional spoonful of almond butter), and submitted myself to the regimen of an isagenix cleanse (all natural and healthy, but still very hardcore).

those sending in their weekly weights dwindled a bit over the weeks. looks like we’ll end up with 75 competitors, give or take. but, bottom line is, i won. crazy. i actually didn’t think there was any way i would win this thing. i was just hoping i would finish in the top 10.

when i started, i weighed in at a robust 250.2. this morning, my final official weight was a little bit under 190. i’m completely stoked that i met my adjusted goal (my original goal was 40 pounds) of reaching 60 pounds of loss.

i started working out during my third week of the competition, and have measurements from then. i know i lost 14 pounds those first two weeks, but i don’t know how much, in addition to the following numbers, i went down. but in the last 9 1/2 weeks, i lost…
1.5 inches around my neck
4.5 inches around my chest
3 inches around my bicep
1 inch around my forearm
6.5 inches off my waist!!
1 inch off my thigh
1.5 inches off my calf

and, i went down 7% in total body fat.

my plan from here on out:
1. enjoy the first weekend without much guilt
2. continue a lifestyle of regularly working out (at least 4 times per week)
3. eat smaller portions
4. avoid super-sugary and super-fatty foods, or have in extreme moderation
5. go on the “isagenix total health and wellness” program. this is the long-term version of the cleanse i’ve been using during the contest, and involves a shake for breakfast and two liquid cleanse days a month. my aunt and uncle and my parents have been doing this for a year or more, and find it really helps them maintain their weight and energy.

and, now, for the photo reveal…

full body shots:

head shots:











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  1. Dude you look 10 years younger. No joke! Great work and thanks for the challenge. I lost about 27 pounds and my wife lost 17. We feel much lighter and mentally much better. It’s amazing how you can get in a life-pattern that seems impossible to break. Rock on dude! Yes! Oh and what are your new beer choices?

  2. Wow, good job! You look so different! Bye-bye belly! I’ve been losing weight and toning up a lot too, but no one has really noticed. I guess it is gradual enough that those who see me every day can’t really tell.

  3. HOLY COW!!!! What teenager did you bribe for the after photos, LOL!

    You look great, congrats. I’m still steamed over the whole “cheat day” thing. Spoonful of almond butter. Give me a break!

  4. As I said in my e-mail with my final weigh in (ala “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?”) “I am NOT a bigger loser than Marko!”

    Very well done, Marko! Those are awesome numbers. How much does Max weigh? You probably lost a major portion of him.

  5. It looks like one of those commercials where I would say, that’s not even the same person and it’s so obvious, why would they even say that that is the same person?! But it is, so good job.

  6. #1 – I’m a little disappointed, I was looking foward to the topless shots!

    #2 – I love how many posts start with and include “dude” and “awesome.” We’re certainly youth workers!

    #3 – I’m very impressed. Congrats. Thanks for being an inspiration not just in you’re transformation, but overall hard work, discipline, and accomplishment. We’re all proud of you!

  7. Great job, Marko! You inspired me to start my own “Who’s a Bigger Loser Than Pastor Jeff?” contest. We’re a week and a half in and 23 people are participating. Our first week, Living Hope Church lost 61 lbs.! I’m really struggling with my late night eating, though. Any tips?

  8. Marko! Congratulations! You really worked hard on this… I think I’ll hit the gym today when I get home from church…

  9. nice job, bro!

    and…I believe there was a clause that said if you won it all, all 75 of us got the resource of our choice…yeah…it’s article xiv, paragraph 43, line 12.

  10. Wow…congratulations Marko! Thanks for having the contest…I know it helped me get off my lazy butt and begin to take better care of myself.

  11. You set the bar high and I admit defeat in the fact that I’m not as much of a loser as you! Thanks for putting yourself out there to challenge us and you did awesome dude!! Way to go!!

  12. you need to send those pictures into “Flex” magazine.

    They can maybe use you as a weight lose model.
    Do you know where the weight room is?

  13. Congratulations, MarkO. Weight loss, shave, hair cut – I agree with many here – you’re a new man in looks, and I wouldn’t have believed it if I’d seen the ad in a magazine. Well Done! Ya look good.

  14. dang man. you should go incognito at the next NWYC for the 1st day, see how many people don’t notice it’s you. I probably wouldn’t notice, and I’ve seen the pictures! have some fun with it.

  15. Those photos were Photoshopped. I want my money back. Oh wait I did not pay to do it.

    Wow Mark you did it! You look totally different. Kinda sucks to loose stuff on your biceps though. It’s always good to have big arms like Arnold.
    Well hopefully it’s all muscle now.

    Keep going! I don’t have much to lose but I am still gonna keep going until I get back to my college shape.

  16. Great job bro! I sorta fell off the wagon, but not completely with making a move to a new church-in fact we’re still in boxes! I managed to lose 5 though, which I guess is better than nothing. Thanks for the inspiration, and for me the battle continues!

  17. My husband and I are way proud of you. At the NYWC you showed the video of you dying after riding a bike. We were really concerned for your health, and prayed for you. Congrats! You look great.

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