“are you a bigger loser than marko?” update

well, we’re two weeks into this thing. when i had the thought of doing this weight-loss thing publicly, and inviting a dozen or two dozen youth workers to join me, it was purely for accountability. the response, as i’ve posted earlier, was overwhelming. we had about 300 people respond that they’d like to be involved. by the time the dust settled, and we posted all the hoops to jump through to be involved, we have 176 competitors. the ys web team created a sweet little support site with coaching, videos, internal blogging, networking, forum posts and comments, and all kinds of other stuff. tv’s biggest loser competitor and youth pastor, matt mcnutt, is actively involved in the online community, encouraging people and offering lots of great guidance (the dude lost 176 pounds — funny that it’s the same amount as the number of competitors in this thing!).

the start of the 12 week competition was horrible timing for me (as if there’s ever a good time), as i flew to florida for some meetings, then (after returning home) on to london for some more meetings. home from that, i went straight to my grandma’s funeral in alabama, then onto a personal silent retreat. there was literally no time for me to start working out at the same time as addressing food issues. but the first week, i lost 10 pounds; which was pretty good considering that i wasn’t exercising!

this second week was ok. not 10 pounds; but i shouldn’t expect that kind of loss on a second week when i still wasn’t exercising! i lost another 4 pounds, for a total of 14 pounds so far. in the first week, my friend mark riddle was the leader in pounds lost (and second place to a woman – go girl! – in percentage lost), with a whopping 15 pounds. if he even loses a few more this week, he’ll still be kicking my butt. and we have a side bet! that said, mark has been working out like a mad man, in some kind of daily program with a trainer and people who are seriously working him.

now it’s time for me to kick in the after-burner, though. i’d joined a club and bought some sessions with a personal trainer. i went for the first time, and had my first session with the trainer, on saturday. i don’t know that i’ll get to the club every single day, like mark (some of us actually have jobs!). but i’m hoping i can do a minimum of 4 times each week. with that, i’m hoping to keep moving down at a good pace.

i was in 14th place (out of 176, so not terrible!) after the first week. i don’t know the 2nd week results yet. i’m hoping that by week three i can be in the top 10!

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8 thoughts on ““are you a bigger loser than marko?” update”

  1. Hey Marko… You should really try Hot Yoga for a time or two. It is the most amazing thing in the world and it doesnt beat up your body. I stared doing it about a month ago, and it seriously changed my life. The first time you go, it sucks like crap, but by the third time it is like cocaine (uh like I know huh?) anyway.. Just tossing that out there… the 110 degree room gets soo addictive.

  2. Ihaven’t had time for any exercise either. My biggest change has been to cut the nighttime snacking. My losses have been small but at least they have been losses :) My motivation is a youth trip this sumeer in which rock climbing is a part and I dont want to embarrass myself too badly!

  3. Nice job Marko! Keep it up. Just don’t try too hard….Id still like to keep my number one spot so I can go to NYWC!

  4. “i don’t know that i’ll get to the club every single day, like mark (some of us actually have jobs!).”

    hey man, that sounds an awful lot like an excuse. There are people who work jobs, but also have margin :-)

  5. oh stink see now i have those last few kilos to lose just to feel like i’m in on the action. way to go mark and mark! (close to marky mark and the funky bunch – i’m the funky bunch!)

  6. Dude Mark O that’s really cool. I’m also trying to lose some pounds. I’ve lost 10 pounds in 4 weeks. I cut back on orange chicken from panda express, my favorite, and started going to 25hr fitness twice a week. I think the first 10 is the easiest, but I hope to lose a least 20 more. Maybe we can workout together when i get to the east county.

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