“are you a bigger loser than marko?”, week 6 update

the weight-loss competition is more than halfway over now.  our original 300 who said they were interested turned into 175 who jumped through the initial hoops, which resulted in a few less actually engaging in the closed community site we’ve set up (which is really active for a core group of the competitors, who are blogging and connecting and encouraging each other daily on that site).  as the contest continues on, there are less and less who are really sticking with it.  but it’s still a good strong group of contenders, and together, we’ve lost something like 1500 pounds. 

 as for me:  i’ve lost 36.8 pounds in six weeks, and i’m in 2nd place amongst the men in the competition.  last week, i met with my personal trainer for the one-month check (i didn’t start working out until two weeks into the competition), and found that i’d gone down 5% in body fat.  i’ve gone three holes tighter on my belt.

and this is very, very cool: for years, i have been in such bad shape, that i would get completely winded if i had to run even a couple hundred feet through an airport (that’s about the only time i would have to).  no way i could have even run a full minute, let alone a half mile.  four weeks ago, i started using the treadmill as the cardio part of my work-out (5 or 6 days a week).  i’d worked up to the point, a week ago, where i was walking for 20 minutes at a 12% incline.  then i starteed adding one minute of running after every four minutes.  this just about killed me.  two days ago i did a half hour with those one-minute runs every four minutes.  so i decided to see if i could run for two minutes.  yesterday morning, i got to the gym (here at the resort in mexico, where my family is on vacation), and set the treadmill for 30 minutes.  as i was about to set the incline, it dawned on me (duh!) that the 12% incline would really make running more difficult.  so i kept it flat.  at the three minute mark, i increased the speed to a run, and felt pretty good about my chances of going two minutes.  but i didn’t stop.  i ran the entire 27 minutes remaining without stopping: about 2 miles and 20 cents.  this morning i went back and ran 4 straight miles without stopping — about 40 or 45 minutes (not fast, but still).  this was so encouraging to me.

so… 5 1/2 weeks to go!

10 thoughts on ““are you a bigger loser than marko?”, week 6 update”

  1. That’s really a great accomplishment – keep up the great work! And everyone else that entered the competition, that goes for all of you, too.

  2. Very nice Marko! My wife and I have a similiar experience. Neither one of us have ever been runners. But we started slowly. I ran my first mile on Christmas day…last Sunday my wife and I ran 8 miles. She is running a half marathon (13.1 miles) in May. I’ve enjoyed reading about your progress!

  3. That’s an amazing accomplishment – the running and the belt size. Keep up the great work.

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