argentina convention report

had an absolutely amazing time at our convention in argentina last week.

we had a little scare when, for a variety of reasons not worth going into here, we ended up with 500 people more than the capacity of the facility. the opening general session, with 3000 in a room made to completely max out at 2500, was insanely crowded. like, “i can’t move in any direction” crowded. like, “the mayor’s office is going to shut down the event” crowded.

really. someone from the mayor’s office said the event would get shut down if we didn’t get a bunch of people out of the room. lucas, our brilliant spanish director, quickly organized two overflow rooms with video and audio feeds. and, then, modeling for everyone in a way that is (as i’ve said before) counter-cultural in latin america, asked all the staff and volunteers for the event to be the first to go to the overflow rooms. that took a couple hundred out. enough more were willing to follow.

tic long, ys’ president of events, came with me for the first time. it was a kick to see the event through his fresh eyes. a few other gringo friends were there: rich van pelt, jim burns. and dj andy hunter was there from the UK, so we hung out with him quite a bit.

last monday, we were supposed to fly from mendoza to buenos aires, to spend 36 hours there. but there was an airline strike, so tic, rich van pelt and i got stuck in mendoza another 24 hours. we went on a winery tour, which was a fun way to spend the day (and not anywhere near as stressful as the almost-heart-attack winery tour i’d attempted the previous year).

we finally got to buenos aires on tuesday morning, spent the day visiting our office there, shopping, having a debriefing dinner with lucas, and catching an overnight flight to washington, dc, where we found our flight to san diego cancelled. eventually, we flew to chicago, and on to san diego. it was a long stretch from mendoza, through buenos aires, through washington dc, through chicago, to san diego. it was good to be home!

a couple pics…

marcos witt speaking in a general session:

Convencion 188.JPG

me, talking to some attendees in one of my seminars:

convension 124.JPG

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