arr, maties

i almost forgot that today was “talk like a pirate day”! i’d been saving a few goodies for this day, and almost let it slip by. but i noticed a post about it on bob’s blog today (with the wonderful instructional video below, and some of the other links), and quickly rousted the crew.

the original talk like a pirate day site
pirate name generator (it’s a quiz — takes about 5 minutes. mine, btw, is Captain Harry Rackham)
the wikipedia article on talk like a pirate day
pirate ship name generator
pirate games!
and, a list of free pirate fonts

and, finally, if you’re not sure HOW to talk like a pirate, here’s a must-watch instructional video (rated pg, btw):

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  1. Go to Google. Click on “Language Tools” and scroll down – choose “Pirate” and then go back to the google homepage! :)

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