awesome middle school football trick play

can you imagine how many times these middle schoolers will be telling the story of this play, over and over again, for the rest of their lives?

just awesome.

this just in: thanks to rob for pointing out the cnn video interview with the coach and quarterback. just a crack up — the 14 year-old quarterback is one of the few archetypes of a 14 year-old guy, i think. what a painful interview — reminds me of so many middle school small groups through the years. i can’t believe the news peeps didn’t cash it in early and call it a day.

6 thoughts on “awesome middle school football trick play”

  1. I’ve seen the one where a coach yells that they have the wrong ball and the QB gets the ball from the center and starts walking toward the sideline as if to switch the ball and then turns and runs for a touchdown. I wonder if this was similar as it looks like the coach is saying something. If not, I wonder what the deception was to be able to just walk through the other team.

    When I see tricks like this I always think how awesome it would be to be on the team that pulled the trick and then I think how disgusted you’d feel if you were on (or a parent of) the other team – feeling that it was just out-right cheating and all – so I must admit I get mixed feelings about these type plays. Loved what the Browns pulled on the Patriots the other day though. :)

  2. When I was in middle school, our team worked on a trick play at every practice….every practice…so we would be ready if we ever needed it. When the moment finally came toward the very end of the season, the play worked…and we gained about 1 yard. Such a let down, but so funny to remember after watching that clip.

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