back to reality

my sabbatical is over, and i’m back at my desk. funny thing, i didn’t realize our office was closed today for the holidays until my wife mentioned it last night! but given that i’d had a whole month off and was planning on coming in, an extra day didn’t quite seem necessary. so i’m here at YS alone — a great catch-up day!

i made it, by the way, without looking at email, turning on my cell phone, or even once connecting to the internet.

my time in hawaii was perfect. i read 12 books in 11 days (and two more in the following two weeks). i took daily walks on the beach and contemplated my life and its direction, and journaled all my thoughts. i hardly talked to anyone, and cooked (well, heated up) all my own meals in my condo. i got three massages and one tattoo.

so, i’ll be back to blogging furiously, i’m sure — i’ve really missed this outlet. i’ll blog about my reading later today.

18 thoughts on “back to reality”

  1. My aging eyesight read it as “three mEssages.” Then I realized it was “three mAssages,” and now I am guilty of coveting.

  2. Yay, welcome back!! I’ve missed your updates and look forward to hearing where you feel your life is headed now. :) Oh yeah, and let’s see the tattoo! (Unless it’s in a weird place of course…)

  3. Welcome Back! We have missed you a great deal. Look forward to hearing about your adventure of relaxation with God.

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