18 thoughts on “baptism cannonball”

  1. THAT was funny! With our baptismal tank, we stand on the outside of the tank. We also have a “seat” inside the tank, so if someone tried that at our church, they’d likely break their neck. But I’ll still have to keep an eye out for some of my students. Ya never know…

  2. Very funny. I know a few people in our youth group that would love to do this. In fact we use to have a baptism at a local water park in connection with a all church picnic several years ago. The current youth pastor wanted to send the kids down the water slide and dunk them when they hit the bottom.

  3. I’m starting a three-week class today called “Don’t Laugh in Church” about joyfulness and this is now my opening video… awesome!

  4. Don’t you just “love” how the pastor is obviously irritated by this? Shouldn’t he be rejoicing? What’s best is he seems so concerned with his bible getting wet, yet he THROWS it away from the baptismal.

  5. What a great kid! I’m thinking he’ll be an evangelist someday. Where did we get the idea that we had to be sanctimonious about everything all the time, anyway? Be joyful!

  6. Baptism should be a memorable experience for the individual, but seldom is it memorable for the congregation. Great stuff. Thanks, GT

  7. Since most of our baptisms happen in the pool of a family in the congregation, I’m establishing a new rule that cannon balls are mandatory. We may have to modify that rule a bit for our beach baptisms, though.

  8. I like how the pastor handled it. The fact is, baptism is a time of publicly professing to the community that you as an individual identify yourself with Christ in his death and resurrection, and you as a church acknowledge that this person has indeed evidenced a regenerate heart as much as can be determined by the church. To say that this is cool or funny is to make a mockery of an ancient sacrament. Did Jesus laughingly cannonball onto the cross? NO!

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