barcode escape game

barsmax and i love figuring out little online games like this one. click around, solve a few problems, collect gadgets for future use, and find your way out.

in this case, the solution is pretty simple, but the process is still fun. the drawings are hand-drawn, which is fun.

find the barcode scanner, as you’ll need it for a few things (there’s also a bunch of silliness from the various scans).

it only takes a few brain cells to solve, which leaves the rest to wonder if it was worth the 10 minutes you spent poking around. :)

3 thoughts on “barcode escape game”

  1. you have to beat the game on the computer to get the scanner the answers are on a post it note on the desk.

  2. I remember that game. Actually pretty darn surreal. I appreciated it being so straightforward, actually. The real point of interest was in the eerie setting itself.

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