be careful what you offer

two-and-a-half years ago, as my 40th birthday was approaching, jeannie and i got talking about how to celebrate the big day. after considering several options, we settled on a party of some sort. funny, i don’t even remember what we were going to DO at the party, but i remember it was going to be pretty cool, and not too cheap for us.

but then i started thinking about big-screen TVs. this wasn’t connected to my birthday — i just started seeing them, and thinking about getting one. and talking about them to jeannie. and ‘stopping by’ stores to look at them.

just like DVR or TiVo doesn’t make financial sense for us at this moment, the big-screen didn’t then. But in a moment of exasperation, thinking she would end the subject once-and-for-all, jeannie said, “well, if you want the TV instead of your party, i guess that would be OK” (it wasn’t really OK — she was sure i’d go for the party). i bought our sony 60-inch LCD later that day (though it had to sit in the garage for a month until my birthday). jeannie and our kids still laugh about that “offer”.

so… it’s only a couple months ’til my 43rd birthday (not as momentous as 40, i suppose), and today i see this. hmmmm.

6 thoughts on “be careful what you offer”

  1. Sweet!!! I am not sure it would fit in my living room without extending the front of the house, but it would be worth it!!

  2. good luck with that bro.
    Just tell Jeannie that Halo would look soooo much cooler on the 100 inch flatpanel… and so would survivor :-)

  3. As a man who doesn’t own a TV, I’m in agreement with Brian. Do you know how big a mess raccoons make, especially those that grow to that size? I think TiVo would be much more practical, and Jeannie could get it for you for your birthday… just in time for the end of the 24 season, if I’m not mistaken.

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