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btc-zh.jpgyeah, i know i’ve already posted about zach hunter and his new book, be the change. but a few things have happened since then:
1. amazing grace, the movie this book is tied to, releases (tonite). see it.
2. zach did a wonderful little interview on cnn’s “faces of faith” program. you can see the interview here.
3. i read the book.

i was excited about the book before — but, i’ll admit, i hadn’t read it yet. but i did, the other night. and i loved it. it’s got a great format: full of stories (historical and modern) and self-disclosure and suggestions. but what i loved about it the most was that it was so clearly written by zach, a 15 year-old guy. i mean, ys never uses ghost writers. but i wasn’t 100% clear on the writing process on this one, and i wasn’t sure how much “help” zach had, until i read it. he has a wonderful and authentic — but teenage (in a great way) — writing voice. reading it feels like you’re sitting with zach and he’s just sharing with you something he is clearly very, very passionate about.

i really hope people will give this book to students, use it in youth ministry, and even read it themselves. i’m feeling pretty lucky and blessed that we got to publish this thing.

ooh — a few more things:
–a newsweek article on slavery that has a paragraph about zach (unfortunately, it doesn’t mention the book)
–a detroit free press article on the movie, amazing grace, and slavery, with a short paragraph mention of zach (again, no book mention, unfortunately)
–a nice, full length article in the christian science monitor on slavery, with zach being a key part of the article (and a mention of the book!)
–an online feature about zach and the amazing change campaign (yes, book mention!), on
–zach is on the cover of the brand new issue (march) of breakaway magazine (focus’ magazine for teenage guys), with a 5-page article, and an offer on the book.
–a wonderful article in publisher’s weekly’s religion bookline.
–article in florida baptist witness.
–and so much more in the works: 15 radio interviews scheduled, 16 more newspaper or magazine articles coming, a “good morning america” feature (already filmed, air date tbd), and more.

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