beautiful prayer

Subject: until God’s realm comes…

a prayer planned for the end of communion, but used at the end of a nosh…

maybe in this there has been a glimpse of the kingdom
a foretaste
a hint
a promise
let it hold you and let it send you
so you will never be at peace
until all are fed
until all know home
until all are free
until justice is done
until peace is the way
until grace is the law
until love is the rule
until God’s realm comes
until God’s realm comes
until God’s realm comes…


~ Cheryl Lawrie

(ht to bob carlton)

3 thoughts on “beautiful prayer”

  1. I love this. I’m going to use this on Thanksgiving. One I do with just friends and the main one I do with family.

    If you haven’t read Chuck Klosterman, you should. I just got turned on to him – not Christian at all, pop culture commentator, really funny, and comments on a range of things from Saved By the Bell to the Real World to Left Behind.

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