beauty tips for ministers

omg, this blog completely is hilarious. yes, i think it’s a bit tongue-in-cheek. but the beauty of the thing is that i think it’s only PARTIALLY tongue-in-cheek. the blogger actually seems to care about the subject (in a quaint mainline kind of way). this post in particular totally cracked me up:

So I’m at an ordination today and I look across the church and see my dear colleague Who Shall Remain Nameless looking really very spiffy in a sports coat and tie and a nice pair of slacks and shoes. But he’s got his leg crossed and I see a wide expanse of WHITE GYM SOCK on his leg and I clutch my heart and fall over dead in the pew.

So I’m dead now. I’m writing this from the Hell of having seen a perfectly well-dressed man wearing WHITE GYM SOCKS with his outfit.

My sister said, and I quote, “That’s an abomination unto the Lord.”

I must agree with her. Gentlemen, for the LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY, get some appropriate socks for when you dress up. And while we’re on the subject, male shins are not pretty. They are actually kind of hairy and scary (socks models being the exception to the rule). Please do not scare people by requiring them to look at your hairy leg over an insufficiently long sock. You’ll have to advise each other on this, because all I know is that there are man socks I think of as Old Hairy Shinned Man Socks and man socks that are attractive.

(ht to boar’s head tavern)

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  1. The scary thing is that this could be any one of a number of folks in my congregation.

    I am truly a northwestern redneck in a liturgists court.

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