beck blows me away

i love beck — he’s one of my top 20 musicians. i have all his cds. and i love how he continues to push the envelope on creativity. this live TV performance is an example. the only traditional instrument (other than beck’s voice) is single-string plucking on his guitar — very, very simple. and i dig that the percussions dudes aren’t just standing in a line a la stomp performances, but are sitting around a messy food and wine-littered communal meal.

(ht to dave palmer)

4 thoughts on “beck blows me away”

  1. nice tidy little line…
    “I’ll take my broken bell, and make it ring like a million churches”
    Actually the song is pretty redemptive. the vid only deepens it with the table…

  2. Awesome video! Used to be more into Beck a few years back. Thanks for the reminder to check him out again. His creativity is inspiring!

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