12 thoughts on “begging to be a metaphor”

  1. I’m going to say it’s got more negative metaphorical issues than positive. Just the line “can’t move without john deere power” is enough to catapult it into goofy negative land.

    On a positive note…the video is actually pretty well made. I kinda dug the cinematography.

    On a practical note…I would have totally been ticked if I was in a car going someplace and got stuck behind that thing AND the choir…all for some youtube video!

    I gotta slow down. Honey, where’s my medication?!

  2. Ok that was hilarious and actually really well put together. But on a metaphorical level it moved from the middle of nowhere to the middle of…nowhere.

  3. Preserving the past, cautiously moving forward, landing in the middle of nowhere, all at considerable cost… yup, sounds a lot like the North American church.

  4. hilarious the whole piece. loved that it was part of the national geographic series, it will be interesting to see the actual doco aspect to it.

    what amazes me is that the church moved whole. not a single ‘deconstruction’ in sight. how’s that?

  5. Wow! They moved it for safety but, leave it to Gods humor to strike it with lightening at its new spot. I guess then one could say they should’ve trusted in the Lord not a Deere.

  6. Yeah, well done, but i think the ultimate finale would have been to have the thing tip over as they’re rounding the final corner…i’m a fan of irony.

  7. I’m fan of remembering and preserving the past, but seriously? What was the point of all that?

  8. Um yeah, the church, a building that is moved for what? to reach more people? oh wait, its not the church building that reaches people, but the people that follow behind it. So its a church on the move, but what about the people?

  9. It’s a lot easier to think out of the box when we can move the box around! Of course, no one in the video had anything to say about the people… it was just a building. And the song… what a tragedy in the midst of this comedy! I guess using this to show the real feelings behind our church buildings as opposed to our lack of feelings about the congregations that inhabit them would be good.

  10. My first impression was, “They’re putting the cherry on top of the Great Commission.”

    And I have to agree with many other comments: it didn’t move anywhere. The focus on the church building moving, though, may have been the only way to get those in the Church moving.

    Check mark for evangelism, check from John Deere.

  11. Man – did this bring back memories of a time when we moved a house in a small town church I once served in. A big store (Meijer) was going into a piece of land and had to demolish an existing house. We asked for it (to use as staff offices and a counseling center) and had to move it across town. We did the walk – no choirs – but we did the walk.

    The best part? There was this one squinty guy with a toothpick out the side of his mouth who’d occasionally wave his pinky finger one way or the other to tell the guy driving the truck which way to go.

    Yes – a squinty guy…

    with a toothpick out the side of his mouth…

    waving his pinky finger.

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