beijing pic of the day, day 4

at the summer palace.

today was the start of the event i came here for. i’m speaking to about 200 teenagers (from 20 different countries!) who are all expats living in china. most of them are from a handful of expat churches in beijing, and about 60 of them travel in from other parts of the country (this event is their dose of youth ministry for the year). normally when i’m speaking to a group from multiple churches, the first session is a little challenging in terms of getting full engagement. but these amazing third culture kids (TCKs) were fully engaged from the first minute. i had a blast.

a little bonus: two cross-cultural funnies.

from the wall behind a toilet i was using:

and, a sign that was everywhere at the summer palace. got to protect those railings, ya know:

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  1. Ha, your middle picture reminds me of the squatter toilets they had on the trains there in China. They flushed right onto the tracks too, so they’d lock the bathrooms at trains stops. We used to go up to the first class train cars to be able to use the “Western” toilets. :)

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