beijing pic of the day, day 5

gary hopwood was one of my own youth pastors (from ward presby church, in livonia, mi) in the late 70s. gary and his wife lissa have lived and worked in beijing for 7 years. we were able to sit down for a two-hour coffee today. i haven’t seen him for decades, so what a kick to reconnect in china.

and a little cross-cultural fun. i got a couple scoops at baskin robbins today. i’m not sure what “chol cookie crackie” is, but it’s probably not what it sounds like.

5 thoughts on “beijing pic of the day, day 5”

  1. Great to reconnect (our first Ward Youth -Far East get together) and hear how the Father has been working in and through you, Marko! Also a lot of fun to see pictures and hear about Jeannie, Liesl and Max! You’re blessed!

    你 快 回 来!Come back soon! … and bring your family!

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