benny hinn mash-up

whether you find this offensive, intriguing, funny, disturbing or just plain odd, this mash-up of benny hinn footage and a metal song called “let the bodies hit the floor” (by the band, drowning pool) is sure to provoke you to some emotive response…

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  1. If it’s true that we fear what we don’t understand, then this video reminds me FULLY of why Benny Hinn scares the hell out of me!

  2. So funny….I find it amazing that people put themselves through that….made my day…I have to wipe my eyes…it was funny enough to bring on the tears…. =)

  3. In some way does this work because there is a shared heritage of ecstatic phenomena and deep physicality between metal/moshing and this hyper-pentecostalisms?

  4. Because I’m a Christian (not a mercenary cult figure), Benny Hinn really, really bothers me. He’s hijacked my vocabulary and made it disgusting. And there’s some very interesting parallels between such gatherings and ecstatic pseudo-spiritual cult phenomena in other religious venues…. But none of that changes the fact that this video was absolutely hilarious. Awesome.

  5. You guys do have him booked already for the Core, right? Cuz I hear his schedule gets pretty full once he gets going…

    “Helping Hurting Kids”… right up his forehead shoving alley.

    Maybe he could even help you ‘process’ those weaknesses (you wrote about the other day) right out of existence.

  6. I was actually a little worried early on because of the angle it looked like he PUNCHED a couple of those folks. Later you get a look and see he catches nothing but air.

    Yes, my gut level reaction is to laugh. But then I’m reminded that God works in mysterious ways. Ever any follow up (although with whole sections of the auditoriums going down it would be a huge project) to see if he has ever actually helped anyone?

    And if he has, does that (should that) change our reactions?

    No you won’t catch me anywhere near a Hinn Ministries event.

  7. I’m the youth pastor at Benny Hinn’s congregation in Aliso Viejo and it really saddens me that you use your blog to ridicule the obviously genuine ministry that is happening at our church. Judge not lest ye be judged. You should see our youth ministry’s version of what you have seen. It’s pretty much the same thing, but we just do it with candles and Crowder. Emerging style, ya!!

  8. The leadership at my church looks up to Benny Hinn. Frankly, he scares me. Granted, I don’t know him, however, I am very curious to find text (in the bible) on being “slain in the spirit” and gain some wisdom on the very thing that makes Benny so memorable (i.e., causing people to fall and them being incoherent and sometimes look as if they are having a seizure). Can anyone please give me some info on where hitting people on the head (or waving your hand/fist at them) and them falling and seizing on the floor is in the bible and/or how it benefits us as Christians?


    Btw, Eric, Marko never stated whether he was for or against the video. If I was you and looked up to Benny, I would be excited about it. It’s quite the video. For me, I’m confused by the whole thing so it just creeped me out.

  9. Eric,

    Nope, wasn’t obvious. I don’t know you and since there are all sorts of strange people in the world, the oddity of your comment seemed “normal”…especially on this blog. :)

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