ysmarko’s best of 2007: family moments

i’ve posted my favorite books, music, tv and music, and blogs of 2007. this one is even more personal: my favorite family moments of 2007…

spring break trip to new zealand. what an amazing time. highlights were our time at the beach house in mount manganui, our hot sulfur mud bath in rotorua, and our perfect day of adventure in queenstown.

my october trip to ireland with my dad. highlights were driving and talking, our private tour of the bushmill’s factory, miserable golf on a links course on the antrim coast, and making it across the carrick-a-reed rope bridge.

having a full house. we’ve had lots of house guests this year, and we really enjoy that. but the biggest surprise enjoyment was having a family living with us these past three months. they’re between homes, and thought they would be with us 3 weeks. but it’s turned into a longer stay, and has been great. we feel like a big family, and i’ll miss them when they move out in mid-january.

a week in hawaii with jeannie, in may. we stayed at a remote cabin on kuai, were quiet and read books. it was perfect.

trip to guatemala with max. the best moments were seeing max play soccer with a bunch of compassion kids, and meeting our sponsor child.

writing trip with max in mexico. max and i wrote a children’s book (currently under consideration by zondervan). we had an absolute blast together.

our two summer vacations: the 10 day rv trip (with the family currently living with us), and our family week in sedona. highlight of the camping trip: madly driving a dune buggy with liesl. highlight of the sedona trip: our day at slide rock.

we have some great family plans in 08, including a trip to detroit for a family wedding this summer, a two-night stay at crystal pier in february (my christmas gift to our family), a stay with jeannie at a beautifully peaceful resort in guatemala in may (my christmas gift to her), and a family week at a time-share in mexico.

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