ysmarko’s best of 2007: my ysmarko favorites

this is my final post in my “ysmarko’s best of 2007” series. i posted on this blog more than 1000 times in 2007. as i glance back through those posts, these are my favorites, by category:

youth ministry/youth specialties:

the top 10 books that have influenced youth ministry

the mess we’re in and the culpability of youth specialties

teenagers, the american dream, and where youth ministry needs to head

church and faith:

everything you wanted to know about jesus… well, not everything, but enough to get you started

why i choose to think highly of rick warren

emerging church:

hesselgrave and mclaren and mission series (part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5)

where kiwi forest fairies live: an emergent metaphor


a vision about my strengths and weaknesses

a moment of healing

reconciliation is hard!


what makes unicorns cry?

book and music reviews:

chasing daylight

ysmarko’s recommended music, volume 1 (the cobalt season)

a cornucopia of lost and found

ysmarko’s recommended music, volume 7 (dc*b: remedy)

take this bread

the book of dave

One thought on “ysmarko’s best of 2007: my ysmarko favorites”

  1. I would just like to say that I believe that my favorite of your blogs would have to be when you reported that Max said being bored and itchy was a bad combination. It was hilarious, and I read it to nearly everyone I could find.

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