best youth ministry blog post of 2006

just saw that andrew jones is soliciting suggestions for the best emerging church blog post of 2006, and thought it would be fun to do the same for youth ministry. the point isn’t to have a “winner”: the point is to find posts we might have otherwise missed. but i will compile a list of my top 10, or top 5, or top something, in a week or so (purely subjective, of course). there was lots of great mind-stretching, soul-stirring, heart-encouraging stuff out there this year. what’s worth reading again?

5 thoughts on “best youth ministry blog post of 2006”

  1. I personally loved just about every one of the posts from that “Youth Ministry in 50 years” series. The spectrum of people writing about the idea, the way people envisioned their future students and the passion and dedication – that was certainly soul-stirring and heart-encouraging.

  2. I enjoyed Scot McKnight’s post on the next 50 years in youth ministry. Although he’s not in “youth ministry” he gets our kids after they have graduated from our ministries. So, his perspective is one that is really worth listening to.

    I’m not sure if its worthy of the “best” post of 2006, but definitely a necessary read.

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