beware, all teenage perpetrators of the purple nurple

i didn’t give too many ‘purple nurples’ (as they were called in my junior high school), but i received my share of them (also commonly called a something-twister, and i don’t think i can write the ‘something’ here). to my knowledge, none of my friends or not-friends who gave them to me ended up in juvie for four days.

(ht to len evans)

3 thoughts on “beware, all teenage perpetrators of the purple nurple”

  1. I had a youth pastor who had x-ray vision when it came to purple nurples. He would pinch me dead on every time. I’m just glad he never crossed the gender line when it came to dishing them out.

  2. I have a friend who was a youth ministry volunteer and gave a “something twister” to a JH kid and unknown to him the parents filed a report with Child Social Services and years later my friend and his wife were trying to adopt a little girl and were almost unable to because he had a flag on his record of being a child abuser.

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