beware — massive time-sucker alert!

beware the new googlefight. it is WAY too much fun, and will quickly and easily lure you into a stream of combative google-offs. and don’t tell me you didn’t put your name in there against someone else’s.

(ht to the duke)

11 thoughts on “beware — massive time-sucker alert!”

  1. oh yeah!

    i suppose it helps to have every mark riddle in all of creation working for me….

    you have all the oestreichers!


    I’m gonna have billy graham fight somebody

  2. I must confess that I’ve been doing this WAY too much today.

    My tip-If you first and last names (mine being Sean Meade) I can kick a lot of butt!!! I beat marko, riddle and matthew (only with the last name too)…but Tic Long owns all of us.

  3. Marko- don’t feel bad if a few of us beat you up in a google fight. The good news is, in the battle of Marko vs. Lighthouse Trails…you owned them! =)

  4. sean, not so if you put “quotes” around the names. for instance, “sean meade” against “marko” is a landslide in my favor, buddy!

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