8 thoughts on “bible fight”

  1. Yeah…that is better than mortal kombat (maybe it should have been called immortal kombat)…

    I just wasted 20 minutes in tournament mode….felt weird playing as Moses and throwing the law at God….lol

    btw…type in jehovah in arcade mode and unlock God the Father…

    Yes, I am a loser, I’m gonna stop wasting time now =)

  2. A fitting example of the times when the Bible says, “There was no fear of God before their eyes.” This game was made by people mocking the cross, mocking the Bible and mocking God Himself. It literally makes me cry that there are people who say they follow Christ and endorse a game that slaps Him in the face. I’m sure I’ll be called legalistic or judgmental, but honestly I don’t care. This isn’t about me – this is about the glory of God, and right now it is being profaned. I’m not saying I’m not a sinner, I’m not saying I have all the answers, what I am saying is that on this issue you are wrong. You are wrong for endorsing this game, especially as one who is supposed to lead impressionable youth in the truth. Matthew 18:6.

  3. I just noticed some of the comments on here! (I think Sophia is around, Marko, ;) )

    anyway, this game rocked. I had the best luck when I played Moses! But Satan is a definite butt-kicker.

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