21 thoughts on “bible or bard”

  1. I really got a 90% but I guessed at all but one of them. I guessed the bible for 3 and the rest the bard.

  2. 90% for me. I think I’ve read enough of both to be familiar with the “styles” of writing, though it seems weird to say that about the Bible.

  3. I got a 60%…which seems par for the course considering I only got a 72 in Survey of the New Testament in college. After which my dad asked me several times if I was sure I was supposed to “go into the ministry.” :)

  4. I got a 90%, and only because I second-guessed myself on the one I missed! As a former English teacher I’ll leave a clue: iambic pentameter. It worked for every one of them.

  5. Iambic pentameter… Thanks for the clue. I read all of these before I went to take the quiz. I got 100%. I read them all then made an educated guess… then I applied I.P. before finalizing my answer and ended up changing 3 of them. So I guess without your clue I would have got 70%.

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