big butter jesus melted: was it the wrath of god?

just saw this on tony jones‘ blog (where i also stole the pics – thanks tony!).

if you’ve ever driven past the “king of kings” statue — 62 feet tall! one of the 10 largest statues in the u.s. — at solid rock church, off the i-75, just outside of cincinnatti, you’ve likely almost gotten in an accident. the thing is massive. sometimes called “touchdown jesus” by locals; and, at other times, “big butter jesus” (because of the yellow, butter-like appearance), or “drowning jesus” (for it’s edge of the lake placement and “someone throw me a life preserver” vibe).

well, the thing was… wait for it… struck by lightening the other night! the subsequent fireball burned the entire thing down, leaving only its steel skeleton (i kinda like the skeleton by itself — it’s like a modern art touchdown jesus).

even if you’re not a “wrath of god” junkie, this story is seriously enticing. i mean, it might even draw out an “i hope it was the wrath of god” from some! whatever the cause — divine or not — the church has already promised to rebuild it. makes you wonder where and when the next bolt will strike.

6 thoughts on “big butter jesus melted: was it the wrath of god?”

  1. It’s really bothering that they decided to rebuild so quickly. I mean, A BOLT OF LIGHTNING takes out your controversial statue and you don’t even stop to consider that just maybe God was trying to tell you something? What does He need to do to get your attention these days!?

  2. So punk rock.

    Three ways to look at this story.

    1. Jesus is ON FIRE in Ohio. Ron Luce, take notice.
    2. In true Elvis fashion, Jesus has left the state.
    3. Michigan fans are secretly rejoicing. Vengeance.

  3. not that I read much into it but I’m with Eric…at least stop and think

    now if they rebuild it and it happens again or the arms fall off then God is definitely saying something (ala Dagon in 1 Sam 5)

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