blake gets punk’d

many of you saw the video clip of the youth worker named blake who, last fall, meant to say “piched his tents”, but got the ‘n’ in the wrong word.  i used it as part of my talk at the national youth workers convention last fall.  well, rich praytor, a christian comedian, pulled off a great prank on blake (clearly with the help of the pastor and church staff), posing as an agent of the FCC, threatening to close down the church, impose a $50,000 fine, and revoke the church’s non-profit status, all because the clip went out in emails, then got played on radio stations.  fanastic video — great stuff, rich! (click on the image of blake’s face to play the prank video.)

5 thoughts on “blake gets punk’d”

  1. That was a riot to watch. I’m glad I’ve never made any verbal faux pas from the pulpit… at least, none that are on videotape, as far as I know…

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