blog ether

sorry for the silence these last couple days. we moved my blog from one server to another, which went reasonably well (a few hitches, but no lost data). but for a couple days, i’ve been in some weird kind of in-between place between the servers. as best we can figure it at this moment, our network at ys is still looking at the old servers; but everyone else in the world is looking at the new servers. we have no idea why, and are hoping it will resolve itself in a day or two (yeah, resolve itself).

so i posted twice yesterday, and they looked fine — on my computer on the ys network. but those posts didn’t show up for anyone else to see. it’s like a turned my blog private for a couple days there.

i’m posting this at home, on my wife’s computer, until we get this sorted out (or, until it “resolves itself”).

3 thoughts on “blog ether”

  1. I was just glad I was in Michigan and not in San Diego. I was 1000% sure I’d done everything correctly. There were nightmare’s (ok, not literally) of “I broke Marko’s blog!” So glad it’s all “resolved” now.

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