blog reader change

ok, ok. at the request of a couple readers, i’ve changed my settings back to send the full posts to blog readers (like bloglines). i don’t get as many click-throughs this way, and don’t get to see those numbers in my sitemeter stats. but, hey, it really is NOT about sitemeter numbers. the readers have spoken.

5 thoughts on “blog reader change”

  1. What’s the matter mark, your SP and church board hassling you about the numbers again? Afterall, wek now that if readership is down it must mean something. :)

  2. That’s right the readers have spoken…all 38 of us…less than 10% of your readership…Actually, I’m glad you made the change from excerpts…now if I can only figure out how to change it in my bloglines account…

  3. Marko…You Rock!!! I am back to reading regularly…and everything you have to say instead of just the first 30 words. If you are interested in tracking numbers of those reading, use feedburner to publish your feed. This gives you a seperate way to track those reading via RSS. You can also publish how many subscribers you have. In WordPress, there is even a plugin that lets you automatically convert existing subscribers to feedburner subscribers without changing anything.

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