25 thoughts on “blogging and twittering from the pittsburgh nywc?”

  1. yes to both.

    twitter: flowerintherain
    blog: janellepainter.com

    other twitterers from our group going who probably wont respond to this:
    milagrosfarias – Samantha
    williamhartz – Billy (who you already follow)
    carloscadeno – Carlos (our youth pastor of bridgeyouth.com)
    phoosh11 – Kevin
    jesu7 – Jesus

  2. we are not cool enough to twitter.

    but my husband and i will be blogging the convention at: brian-and-amy.blogspot.com

    can’t wait!!

    amy and brian anderson

  3. I will be blogging from NYWC! I can’t wait to be there. It is something my wife and I look forward to all year long! We missed last year, so we are really due for a NYWC.

  4. I’ll definitely be twittering at: milagrosfarias.
    I’m going to try to keep up and blog at samanthacostanza.com

    Plus hopefully pictures that will be on my flickr.

  5. Oh, and that’s just blogging. None of this twittering business where people have to know every five minutes of my life, like when I order a cheeseburger or go to the bathroom.

    Gotta go – I have a cheeseburger waiting and then I think I’ll go to the bathroom.

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