14 thoughts on “blogging at pittsburgh NYWC?”

  1. yeah so tonight is the first night of offical posting since the convention started…just too tired from working all day interpreting to add to my blog…but did tonight…hey btw….THANKS for all you do….and for being man enought to where a skirt…errr i mean kilt…in front of 3,000 people…you are a true man :-) be blessed

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  3. I have a few comments posted on my blog about the Sacramento Conference…still trying to get through the bag of free resources/stuff! By the way, what’s up with the kilt deal? I’m a newbie thinking I missed something…

  4. the kilt thing, bethany, started when the ys marketing dept put out a magalog spread 4 or 6 months ago with tic and marko paper dolls; and one of the items of clothing you could “dress” them in was a kilt. so, we thought it would be fun to actually get kilts for the convention. we got them from an american kilt company called utilikilt. tic doesn’t like his; but i totally love mine. i wear one or the other every other week or so.

  5. i had every intention of blogging the convention as a volunteer, but it just didn’t happen. it usually takes a week or so for me to process everything, so there may be some thoughts after i get to listen to my cds.

    one thing is for sure, this year was the best for me so far, by far.

  6. The weekend was super! Giglio, Fields and Mark-O were among some of the great sessions. I loved the weekend and growing closer to some people in the area I didn’t know real well, but it’s funny how sharing a hotel room brings ya together. I am sad to say heading back home and to the current situation was depressing and once again I exist in the “blender” of youth ministry in northern Ohio. The oasis of NYWC has me powered up enough to fight a little longer. Thank you for all your work, compassion, love, desire and everything else. Props out to FRED WHAPLES from Group as well, who made all of this possible for me! My fellow soldiers, we face a battle that seems insurmountable…but then again so did Gideon, be encouraged and let’s fight on!

  7. I volunteered this year and must say that I missed almost everything that went on outside of the Labyrinth. Disciples don’t have to “cross the sea” to reach the lost…they simply must “see the cross”. I was able to experience life at the feet of Jesus while in Pittsburgh. I was blessed to listen to many people share their lives and experiences with me. It was encouraging to listen to so many talk about how much they learned about how loved they truely are. Thanks YS for all that you do for the Kingdom life. Thanks to all the youth workers that have chosen to answer the call to a life of servanthood. May God continue to bless each of you as you allow the Holy Spirit to live in and through you all.

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