36 thoughts on “blogging from the atlanta national youth workers convention?”

  1. Mark O…I would definately be blogging for the ATL conference, if I was going. Unfortunately this year I am unable to attend the ATL conference, I chose to get married instead :) Back in May anyway. I will be praying for you all, and hopefully will be able to get lots of updates. Thanks for your ministry!

  2. I’ll be blogging, probably starting Monday. Provided I get up early enough to have time to waste at the airport, my first post will probably be sometime around 5:30 am central Monday morning. Of course, that won’t really be from the convention just yet.

  3. Link me baby! I’ll post whatever doesn’t fall under the “What happens at the NYWC, Stays at the NYWC” rule.

  4. Cweber- there is a great prayer community over at http://www.ymexchange.com. I know that’s a shameless plug but at the same time there are dozens of people who would def pray for that.

    Just click on “forums” and you should be able to post a prayer request in the prayer section.

  5. Marko,

    I’ll be blogging from the convention (amysondova.com). My entries will be a detailed list of everything involving the antics of Len and Adam that falls under “What happens at NYWC, stays at NYWC”. I mean, I’m just here to throw in a shameless plug for Youth Ministry Exchange.

    It’ll be really awesome to read all your blogs and meet some of you face-to-face!

    Take care,

  6. I am going to be blogging Marko… my 20th anniversary in Youth Ministry and returning to the site of my first ever NYWC – held in ATL in ’87… on the main stage Walter Wangerin, Tony C, & Brennan Manning were the stand outs I can recall…

    Looking forward to it – just put up my first NYWC Post….

  7. I will probably only do a post(s) about NYWC ATL after I return. I am looking forward to the convention. I will not have a comp with me so I doubt if I will get to blog there.

  8. I will be blogging from Atlanta also. I am looking forward to this year. Last year in Cincy was hard on me and I didn’t get to enjoy it, I was 9 months pregnant. Hopefully this year I won’t be as tired and I will be able to get around easier and enjoy things.


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