blogging from the nashville convention?

if you’ll be one fo the 9000 people at the national youth workers convention in nashville, and you plan on blogging while you’re there, let me know (comments, or email), and i’ll keep a running list here. but if you say you’ll post, ya gotta post! here’s a nice little map of free wifi spots in downtown nash — so you have no excuse (here’s another list — though it doesn’t look as good; ooh — just found this pretty long list, but no map, so you’d have to mapquest ’em.)

THE LIST (updated as i find or hear about more):
adam ellis
justin ross
dan kimball, occaisional, but long and rambly
mr argue, i presume
andy jack, JH pastor to the stars
tired and elegant
mark riddle, aka ‘ronald’
tony jones, aka ‘the ys expletive’
lizzy (can i please have more double letters in my name?) robblee
tim schmoyer
david’s bucket
john stephens
john mitchem
mike king

39 thoughts on “blogging from the nashville convention?”

  1. I’ll be blogging about how much I wish I could be there. Oh i want to be there so bad. I’ll settle for living it through you all. . . so blog well!

  2. nick — there will be wifi all over the place. most of it just isn’t free. there will be a free internet lounge that we put in — but with 9000 peeps, it could be ugly. most hotels have wifi; but they charge $10/day for it!

  3. Ouch.

    Wish there was some good remedy for that, I don’t know how much time I’ll want to take to run around time to find free wi-fi. I might just write posts throughout the day and then post whenever I get to a place with free wi-fi.

    My backround is in computer science so nerdy talk like this also excites me.

  4. Marko. I WON’t be blogging from the NYWC because sadly I wont be there. (read previous sentence with great wailing and grief for full effect) During the convention I’ll be reading everyone i’ll be blogging from Ohio about how I wish i was in Nashville .. its certain to be a pathetic display of self pity. . . .but certainly not as fascinating as the actual posts from Nashville so please remove me from the list of bloggers.

  5. I plan on blogging…from my office…praying for you this week marko and stafffff! Feed those Youth Workers some love!

  6. I definitely plan on it as time permits. Might not be a whole lot due to time restraints, but beware of tons of entries on it after I return home to Dallas.

  7. 1) I’ll try to blog something

    2) that’s the best description of Dan Kimball’s blog that I could imagine.

  8. oh, the downtown library has wifi that you can pick up in the courtyard and some parts of the library. they also have network connection ports in some of the reading rooms. the lib. is just one block away from the front doors of the convention center. if you use a network jack, you’ll have to be equipped with your own cable.

    i’d suggest caffine or alektor cafe if you can get a ride for coffee/lunch/wi-fi

  9. I mentioned this to my wife and she asked if i could ask that she be added to your list… She is new at blogging but is a great writer… and it will be a neat perspective of a wife of a youthworker…

    her blog can be found at

    thanks marko. We can’t wait

  10. If anyone there is going to be videoing anything…I’d love to videoblog it (I can’t be there). So, send me some video clips of the convention if you’ve got them.

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  12. i just posted on my day at the convention. unfortunately, today was it for me. i’m off to the boonies for a retreat with my youth. cheers all!!


  13. 1) I cried all week, last minute emergency forced me to cancel. Hear it was a great time.
    2) these blogs give us a great feel for what we missed etc.
    3)any of the cd’s available somewhere??
    Keep up the great work!
    God Bless all!

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