blogging from the san diego national youth workers convention

here’s a list of those who’ve said they’ll be blogging (or, bloggers i’ve found in my searching) from the convention this week. i’ll update it regularly as i find more.

steve argue

joel newton

brian eberly

sandy hughes

eric beeman

lars rood

ty hogue

victor estrada

geoff battersby

vince marotte

cortney smith

joseph yoo

eric wakeling

youth guy evan

david oceguera

daniel so

ryan nielsen

aaron geist

chris folmsbee

mike king

aaron alexander

john stephens

joel mayward

and, of course, me

and, as a bonus, jonathan mckee is posting regular podcasts of his “roadtrip” to the NYWC, including (he tells me) responses after general sessions.

7 thoughts on “blogging from the san diego national youth workers convention”

  1. thanks for the link, but Siofele is the name of the Samoan pastor in the Samoan congregation. I am no where near Samoan.
    I looked at it, and said, “oh, i didn’t know pastor joe is going, nor did i know he had a blog” so i clicked on it, only to realize, it’s me. haha.
    anyway, my last name is “Yoo.”
    And my group and I are flying out of Hawaii tonight!
    I am definitely looking forward to this year’s convention. And am excited because everyone that is coming (minus me) it will be their first time at NYWC. yay.

  2. oops — sorry, joseph! i found your post saying you were coming by doing a search. but your blog doesn’t have your last name. so i went to your church’s website, and found an assoc pastor named joseph, and wrongly assumed it was you! it’s not you, it’s yoo! :)

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