book writing, day one

last week i got approval to co-author a book for middle school kids, and yesterday, got a draft of the contract. but the deadline is may 1! yup, i have 9 weeks. and we’re still waiting to hear on the 2nd book, which would be due the same date.

so here i am at starbuck’s, starting. hoping to get an hour in this morning, just to get going.

7 thoughts on “book writing, day one”

  1. I think you should hook up with Sean and Deb over at lighthouse (possibly carol as well) and write about useful ways to use thongs in middle school ministry and spiritual formation.

    It’s just thought….

  2. for middle schoolers. it’s the first book in what we’re hoping wil be a series, called ‘middle school survival series’; and this book is called ‘my faith’. the 2nd, if it comes through, will be ‘my family’. and there would, potentially, be four more.

    kurt and i also have a proposal ready to submit for a middle school youth worker book — but it’s on the back burner while we write these; at least ’til may 1!

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