books and bands smash-ups

this is way fun. a group of people had the weird idea to combine famous book names with band names in a little literary/musical smash-up.

the results are titles like:

The Things They Might Be Giants Carried
The Who Moved My Cheese
The Old Man and The Sea and Cake
Charlie Daniels and the Chocolate Factory
Catch 182
Horton Hears a Hoobastank
Of Mice and Men at Work
Bare Naked Lunch Ladies
The Agony and the XTC

read the whole list on the site, and your mind will get churning to think up some more!

ya know, now that i’m thinking about it, let’s do a little sub-contest here. come up with a smash-up of a christian book, youth ministry book, or — if you really want to win — a youth specialties book. winner gets a ys book of their choosing. i might even choose a couple winners, if i get enough good ones! has to be a band or group name, not a song.

i’ll try a few to get you rolling:

the secret message of jesus and mary chain
velvet elvis costello
what’s so amazing about grace jones?
the problem of house of pain
a new kids on the block kind of christian
blue like the preservation hall jazz band
the power of a praying wolfmother

and a handful of ys books:

purpose driven sonic youth ministry
the best of coldplay it
contemplative youth ministry (yeah, have to think on that one. last word is a band.)
help, imogen heap volunteer youth worker

(ht to dave palmer, or should i say, “a man named dave palmer”)

20 thoughts on “books and bands smash-ups”

  1. mdaele — clarification: the entire title of the book (and band) have to be in there.

    so “plank eye-deas library” works — two christian products! but the others would have to be tweaked. you could do “everyday sunday picture tells a story”. i don’t think there’s a way to salvage your first attempt, there’s no common ground.

  2. adventures in missing the point of grace

    stumbling toward faith no more

    when god says jump little children

    ruthless trust company

  3. oh, now we’re gettin’ there. holly and david got the idea. marc, sorry, the band title and book title have to share a word (our sound, as in mdaele’s “plank eye-deas library”). mdaele, i think you’re referring to mcmanus’s barbarian way, right? so, um, that one is CLOSE, but doesn’t qualify. ok — hope that’s clear now (sorry i wasn’t clearer).

  4. Dangerous Stevie Wonder

    Help! My New Kids On the Block are Hurting!

    This Way to Sonic Youth Ministry

    Connecting Your Heart to Others’ (This one already has it)

    Gimme God Smack

    Good Sex Pistols

  5. Screen Cold Play
    Conversations with The Jesus and the Mary Chain
    The Captain & Tennille Justice Mission Curriculum
    The Church in Emerging Culture Club
    The Losers Timex Social Club

  6. umm yeah so I’m an idiot I put one on that Tom already listed…how about…

    Creative Bible lessons in John Cougar Mellencamp

  7. a buyer from a large chain of christian bookstores read this post, and just sent me this list:
    Here’s some more Christian Bookstore ones:

    Wild Boyz At Heart – Eldridge

    Radical Reformission UK – Driscoll

    What Would Jesus Jones Eat – Colbert

    Bringing Up Boy George – Dobson

    Bringing Up Boys to Men – Dobson

    Waking the Dead Can Dance – Eldridge

    Twelve Ordinary Men At Work – MacArthur

    Manfred Mann In The Mirror – Morley

    A Dark Night Ranger of the Soul – St John of the Cross

    The Snap Case for Christ – Strobel

    The Peter Case for Faith – Strobel

    Adventures In Missing Persons The Point – McLaren/Campolo

    Desiring God Lives Under Water – Piper

    I Was Not Was Just Wondering – Yancey

    Spiritual Gwarfare – Stanley

    God’s Simple Plan for You – Packer

    Cheap Ways To Tie the Slipknot – Davis

    Understanding God’s Will To Power – Lake

    Godsmack Is Closer Than You Think – Ortberg

    INXS His Steps – Sheldon

    The Dashboard Confessionals – Augustine

  8. email from the brilliant steve taylor (the musician/film maker, not the kiwi author):
    And from the C.S. Lewis shelf…
    Mere Ludacristianity
    This HideoUs3 Strength
    Steve Perelandra
    Out of the Silent Planette Funicello
    The Great Divorcece Winans
    Miracles Paul
    The Silver Chair Supply
    Prince Mama Casspian
    The Lion, The Witch, Franz Ferdinand the Wardr.dreobe

  9. How about:

    The Bell Jars of Clay
    The Thousand Foot Krutch Book (by Dr. Seuss)
    A Wrinkle in the Old Time Gospel Hour Quartet (my favorite)

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