books i read on UK trip

didn’t read quite as many books as i’d hoped on this past trip, but still got through some good ones (one of them took longer than i expected, because it was so good!).

The Shaping of Things to Come: innovation and mission for the 21st-century church, by Michael Frost and Alan Hirsch. best emerging/missional church book i’ve read in a long time. every church leader in the world (pastors, youth workers, you name it) must reaad this book. it’s radical nature is subtle in many ways, and will only be truly radical upon implemention (as ideas, they won’t always sound revolutionary). i’ll post a few favorite bits seperately. you must buy this book. please.

Epileptic, by David B. this is widely considered to be one of the most significant books in the illustrated novel genre — though this one isn’t a novel. it’s an autobiographical memoir of the author’s growing up, with an severely epileptic brother who’s illness consumed the family. it’s a weird trip through all kinds of new age-y stuff (his parents would try anything) and alternative medicines. but, ultimately, it’s an epic story of childhood and pain.

The Iron Wagon, by Jason. in my continued enjoyment of graphic novels, this little murder mystery is a kick. not much to it — 20 minute read.

1/2 of How We Are Hungry, by Dave Eggers. i love eggers writing (a heartbreaking work of staggering genius, you shall know our velocity). this collection of short stories isn’t quite as amazing as when eggers can really take the space to develop characters. but it’s still a worthwhile read if you like good writing and interesting story-line ideas. my favorite piece in it so far is “your mother and i”.

1/4 of Hip: the history, by John Leland. this got a great review somewhere (i can’t remember — Time magazine, maybe?), and i picked it up. it’s been on my to-read stack for months. so far, very fun read. lots of connections to youth culture and youth ministry.

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  1. I’ll just second that plug for “Shaping of Things to Come”. Amazing stuff.

    Just read the first story in How We Are Hungry as well…looking forward to getting in that.

  2. i mostly read when i travel, matthew. when i’m in normal life mode, i only get through about a book a month. but when i’m on airplanes and in hotels (this past trip, i didn’t have a TV in any of the rooms i stayed in!), i get through more. i’m NOT a fast reader — wish i was!

  3. Speaking of books, I’m about halfway through Bell’s Velvet Elvis. Very thought provoking stuff. I’m glad your previous post reminded me it was out and time to order!

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