books on faith in tough times?

the mom of one of my middle school kids has to give some talks on “having faith when it’s hard”, and asked me for reading recommendations. i suggested yancey’s ‘where is god when it hurts?’ and lewis’ ‘the problem of pain’. but both of those are a bit more specific to pain. any suggestions on faith in difficult times, or faith when it’s hard to have faith — slightly broader topics than pain?

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  1. hey buddy

    i always re-read Jean Vanier’s ‘Becoming Human’ – without being prescriptive it just seems to hold the wounded heart of people broken on the wheels of living

    hope all is well friend

  2. i’m not sure if it’s for the mother, or if she wants to recommend it to her students?? if it’s for the mother i love parker palmer’s ‘let your life speak’ chapter on depression and being present to the emotions we feel.

    also nouwen’s the ‘wounded healer’ is exceptional at helping the reader turn pain and woundedness into redemption.

  3. Jerry Sittser’s books are good reads. Reading insights from a man who lost his mother, wife, and daughter in one car accident kind of puts your own problems into perspective.

    Also, maybe “Joel” would be a good role model for kids.

    I think David might be a good model for faith in hard times, too. I can’t imagine what it would be like running for my life and living in a cave with 400 men… Ok, I’m going to stop thinking about it now. Ick.

  4. I’m in the middle of reviewing “Gutsy Faith” by Jeff Edmondson. It’s not the most intellectual book i’ve ever read (it’s actually quite simplistic at times), but it would lend it self well to a ongoing study, especially one geared at students.

  5. can you drink the cup by henri nowen is one of my favs and saw me through the darkest time of my life and is a book i pass on to people walking in dark valleys.

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