british invasion

a couple months ago i got a nice email from a youth worker in vancouver, talking about his need for a good vacation with his wife (his first in three years), and his desire to come to san diego. but he was short on cash, and wondered if i had any suggestions of where he could stay for a week. i offered our house. probably wasn’t exceedingly wise of me, since i’d never met the guy in my life. they arrived saturday, while i was in tampa speaking at a youth workers event. and they’re here all week. luckily, they’re totally cool — from england, connected to soul survivor, and we know many of the same people from vancouver and england. i suppose i dodged a potential bullet on that one — they coulda been axe murderers.

3 thoughts on “british invasion”

  1. Could have turned out different…….
    I have family in SD.
    I will take you to Pizza Port in Solana Beach next time I visit.

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