8 thoughts on “Butt Camp”

  1. Yeah, it’s like having a fundraiser selling Boston Pork Butt. That fundraiser was announced at every youth night and on every Sunday Morning…I wonder why they didn’t sell very many? I also wonder why the kids laughed every time it was announced? Hmmm…

  2. Oh man! I remember when our youth pastor said fricken during a lesson once, and for the next two weeks, some of the students wouldn’t let it rest. They said fricken every fricken chance they had!

  3. Hey…yep…funny i guess…but as youth pastor who has had students who were changned and encouraged so much by the Laity Lodge Youth camp- it is not a the ‘butt’ camp…but run by the h.e. butt foundation (who also has HEB food stores here in texas) i must defend it a tad bit. it is an amazing camp– where i have students whos lives were so changed they choose to spend their whole summer working at the camp serving as camp staff for the campers who will come from 3rd grade- sophmores in high school….i know i know…i am spoiling all your jr high boy fun…it is a great camp!

  4. ok, lighten up texas-people. like i said, i’m sure it’s a great camp and all. i’ve heard of the HEB stores. but, frankly, for us non-texans (who still find the H.E.Butt Foundation a tad humourous), HEB always sounded a bit odd also!

    we still love ya. glad you love your butt camp!

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