california condors

california condor1.jpgaccording to the peregrine fund, there were, not too long ago, only 22 remaining california condors (in 1982). today, there are over 300.

we saw at least a dozen of them at the grand canyon the other day. amazing birds, with a wingspan of up to 9 and a half feet. they glided along the canyon edge, never moving their wings. absolutely stunning birds.

sure would have been a shame if they hadn’t been saved.


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  1. One summer several years ago Scot and I were in Boise where there is a peregrine rescue facility which we toured. It was fascinating. We saw them for real souring over the Snake River Canyon in Idaho – awesome and I have a heart for these birds ever since that time.

  2. Random info:
    Johnny Cash…burned the foliage of three mountains in California’s Los Padres National Wildlife Refuge in 1964, killing 49 of the 53 remaining endangered condors there. (Then Cash told the judge, “I don’t give a d–n about your yellow buzzards” before being slapped with a $125,000 fine — the equivalent of about a million today.)

    Thank you for your donation Mr. Cash?

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