camp rules

i spoke for a couple weekends (out of 6!) for forest home’s junior high winter camp last month. and the “rules video” they made for the opening session totally cracked me up. i asked nate rice, the junior high director, if he could get it up on youtube after the last weekend, so i could share it with all of you. he graciously obliged. props to the video maker, whom i didn’t meet: jonathan neal. a great example of having fun with information that has to be shared.

8 thoughts on “camp rules”

  1. I don’t think it is a regression. I think if you host your own video on your own site, then embed it, but not within a post. I think the ultimate solution would be a pop up video player from a link that wouldn’t interfere with the interface of the blog itself. One that I could open if I wanted to see the video and ignore if I didn’t want to see the video. I think videos are great for social networking and such, but putting them within a post instead of a link to the video is not necessarlity a step in the right direction. (even if it is 2.0)

  2. i’m mostly just playin’ with ya and seeing if i can push your buttons. and, i agree, a pop-up would be nice. i don’t mind embedded vids, however — i actually like them, so i can stay where i am and not have to click through to another site.

  3. clearly, he would use his force of will – which is what i’m doing — to “power” his gift (in the green lantern’s case, his ring).

  4. See, I keep a tabs in my browser so I can have a video loading behind the page that I clicked the link from. So it isn’t really a hassle at all to click a link for me. More than anything I find the embedded videos, especially from YouTube to be unpleasing to the eye.

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