campference rules

each year at the Middle School Ministry Campference we frame a “how to make the most of the weekend” bit in the opening session with Camp Rules (it is a CAMPference, after all). we try to have some fun with these rules, since the tone of the event is extremely low key and laid back. i don’t think i can show them all here (there’s a bit of a “what happens in vegas stays in vegas” vibe to the campference). but here’s most of them (with some parenthetical explanations):


(this isn’t like other events. this is our tribe. this is hang-out time. this is a place to be known.)

(you have complete freedom to make this weekend whatever you need it to be.)


(leave your work at home. disconnect. be present.)

(exercise healthy skepticism.)

(people on the stage are not ‘more important’ than people in the audience. and we invite you to ‘break the plane’ and speak up from the audience.)

(we don’t care what your voice sounds like. engage full-throat mode during worship.)

(people who have been here before know: the program is good, but the best part of campference is the hanging out parts.)

(you’re loved and accepted here. lean into that. trust that.)

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