today we’re off for three days of camping with friends. we’re going to a campground that’s only 45 minutes away, which is pretty nice, considering how much we’ve been traveling so much. other than setting up our use-to-be-wonderful tent, it should be 48 hours of lazy, which is just what the doctor ordered right now. both kids are bringing friends, which, from a purely selfish perspective, means they’ll be more self-sustaining, which leaves more space for me to sit like a freakin’ slug around the campfire. i’m preaching this coming weekend (and the next) at my church — so that will be hanging over my head a bit. we’re not bringing all the high-tech gear this year (like we did last year).

i won’t be back to blogland until wednesday evening or thursday. and i think i need a few more days of stewing before i finish my post about the similarities between the religious right and the early nazi party (coming out of my visit to the holocaust museum).

4 thoughts on “camping”

  1. Who manages your life? I can’t keep up with you dude. You’re crazy. Somedays I envy you and some days I feel sorry for you. Today…I envy you. Have fun being a slug. Don’t think about the sermons, in fact I think you should wing em. When’s the last time you winged it? Just do it once to remember the good old days.


  2. I’m speaking in our adult services in a few weeks and it’s totally hanging over my head. It’s the weekend we leave for summer camp so the timing couldn’t be much worse.

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