campolo quote

i’ve probably heard tony speak 100 times. but i’ve never heard him say this exact quote. and he said it with passion — it really caught my attention:

we do not take god into places where he doesn’t exist; we join god where god is already at work.

what a great quote for youth workers to wrap their theology and practice and hope around.

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  1. I’m working with a small group of high school students and this is a great reminder for me that God’s already at work in them; I’m just joining in on whatever he’s already up to for each of them.

    It’s funny that I ran across your blog, Mark. I was looking for free devos for my group and somehow got to your blog. See you at school sometime, G.

  2. I am working through the youth edition of Experiencing God with my student leaders and while it is a bit too formulaic for me that is the basic premise and I love it!

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